McLaren Made a Mini 720S Ride-On for Kids Who Love Supercars

The electric mini-car has a real infotainment system and a surprisingly affordable price tag.
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McLaren 720S Ride-On Promo

Auto-obsessed dads can now gift their little gearheads with a miniature electric supercar courtesy of McLaren

The British luxury automaker is selling a tot-sized, topless version of the Super Series' 720S coupe. And unlike the toy EV that Bugatti is hawking for an outrageous $34,000, the McLaren 720S "Ride-On" is actually affordable at just under $400 (£315). 

McLaren 720S Ride-On (1)

It's got much of the real thing's stylish design elements, including functioning butterfly doors, exposed carbon-style body work, blacked-out wheels and that immediately recognizable silhouette. 

McLaren 720S Ride-On (2)

In place of a twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V8 is a key-operated electric motor with added engine sounds to appease little ears. Kids can control work the brake and accelerator pedals themselves, or parents can intervene via remote control if necessary.

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What's really wild is that the dash has a real infotainment system with inputs for a USB drive or SD card that can be used to upload music or a short video. The screen also displays key info like battery life to "allay any toddlers’ range-anxiety," a press release states. 

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Available in Azores Orange, Belize Blue, Lantana Purple, Onyx Black, Mauvine Blue, Silica White, or Saros Grey, the McLaren 720S Ride-On will go on sale later this year. 

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