Here’s a McLaren You Might Actually Be Able to Afford

Wait till you hear how quickly it goes from zero to 3.


Photo: McLaren Automotive

The latest iteration of McLaren‘s incredible P1 hybrid-electric hyper-car dispenses entirely with the gas engine, opting for pure electric power. It also ditches the roof and the passenger seat, providing a pure driving experience. Best of all, it only costs $487.

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Photo: McLaren Automotive

The Volcano Yellow McLaren P1 pure electric ride-on toy is equipped with the brand’s signature flip-up dihedral doors, working lights, MP3 player, three forward speeds and reverse.

Photo: McLaren Automotive

This beauty hits McLaren dealers in late October, to be followed by toy stores.

Photo: McLaren Automotive

This P1’s top speed is only 3 mph, but it is the only P1 currently available from McLaren, so we’ll take what we can get.