McLaren Wants to Say Goodbye to Windshield Wipers

Because, let’s face it, those things are annoying.

Thanks to their 60-plus years of experience making some of F1’s most winningest vehicles, British supercar company McLaren knows a thing or two about bringing cutting-edge technology to automobiles. The 12C Spider we were lucky enough to drive on a track uses F1-derived tech and materials to give you – or more likely, some really, really rich dude – what pretty much amounts to a race car you can park in your driveway. But technology isn’t just about powerful engines, lightweight chassis, and perfectly timed launch controls – it’s also about more mundane things like windshield wipers. 

Reportedly, McLaren is working on a system that uses jet-inspired technology that will keep windshields wiper-free starting in 2015. The idea is to use high-frequency sound waves that would bounce off rain, insects, and mud. And even though you’re not likely to be buying a McLaren in the near future unless you’re one of these people, the cool thing is this kind of tech often trickles down to cars that regular schlubs like us can actually afford. Wiperless Kia, here we come! 

Photos by McLaren Automotive