Meet The 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto, The Most Powerful Raging Bull Ever

The 1,001-horsepower hybrid is one wild Italian stallion.


A new flagship Raging Bull has officially seized the throne previously occupied by the Aventador for over a decade. The Lamborghini Revuelto is a hybrid—not the marque’s first, as Lamborghini has previously installed electric motors on Aventador-based special editions like 2019’s Sian and 2021’s revived Countach.

But the Revuelto is definitely Lamborghini’s best hybrid, at least barring any catastrophic developments not evident on paper. Despite its potentially divisive electrification, the design fits naturally within Lamborghini lineage.

Like the Aventador before it, the Revuelto is named after a fighting bull, but “revuelto” also translates to “mixed up,” a reference to its combo of electric- and combustion-based power.

It has the classic Lambo wedge shape and scissor doors first made famous by the ’70s/’80s-era Countach; the proportions and floating rear fender blade of the ‘90s-era Diablo; and the inclined front of the aughts-era Murcielago.

There are decidedly contemporary elements, such as Y-shaped headlights framed by aerodynamic blades that link the splitter to the hood. Massive side fins channel airflow across the doors and into the side intakes. The ultra-sleek recessed profile channels other air to the rear wing while offering more headroom and legroom than in the Aventador.

The arrival of Lamborghini’s first plug-in hybrid fortunately doesn’t mark the abandonment of the marque’s famed V12 (though an all-electric Raging Bull is coming two short years).

The Revuelto showcases its 6.5-liter 12-pot with a see-through engine cover. Rightfully so, as it’s Lamborghini’s lightest and most powerful V12 to date, with a fearsome total output of 814 horsepower.

The remaining output comes from two motors mounted on the front axle and a third integrated into the new eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, bringing the grand total to a truly absurd 1,001 horsepower.

That’s far too much power for daily driving, but there are levels to the Revuelto in the form of drive modes, as MotorTrend notes. The tamest by far is Citta, which utilizes just 180 pure electric horses for very short distances up to 6.2 miles.

Strada mode is designed for “normal” driving and long trips with 874 total hp on tap, and Sport mode takes it up to 895 hp while elevating the V12’s growl. Corsa mode unlocks all 1,001 hp.

Max performance is elite but not superlative. Zero to 60 mph takes 2.5 seconds, but the most impressive figure is the time to 124 mph: under seven seconds. The 217-mph-plus top speed is nothing to scoff at either, even if it isn’t an improvement over the Aventador’s.


The interior attempts to take the fighter jet-mimicking of past Lambo cockpits to what’s billed as a “spaceship” design with enclosed central air vents, the removal of turn-signal stocks in favor of steering wheel buttons, and the elimination of most other physical buttons.

The start button still sits underneath a red cover that must be flipped up like the controls to an aviator’s weapons system, but there are now three digital screens—a digital instrument panel, a central infotainment interface on top of the dash, and a small screen on the passenger side.

The driver and occupant can swipe applications to and from the infotainment and passenger screens with the same motion used to swipe on Tinder. Seats are clad in a combination of fine leathers and “Corsa-Tex” microfiber made of recycled polyester.

While the Lamborghini Revuelto has an unspecified price and remains untested independently, orders for the first two years of production are already filled.