The Mercedes-AMG GT Will Menace the Porsche 911

It needs to be said: AMG’s newest bullet coupe is aiming for the jugular.

The AMG GT is going to leave the Porsche 911 gasping for air.

Why? Because while the Porsche’s evolved silhouette is streamlined and gorgeous, the new GT is slinking into town with what has quickly because our favorite shape: the mean eyes and low hood from big brother SLS combined with a Jaguar F-Type (and E-Type) influenced curved fastback, all scaled to around the 911’s footprint. It’s mean, sexy, and to these eyes, perfect.

Why else? The slowest GT you can buy comes with 456 horsepower (56 more than Porsche’s Carrera S) and will get you to sixty in 3.9 seconds. The faster “GT S” adds fifty more horsepower, and lops two tenths of a second off the base car’s already ludicrous time. Both cars use a twin-turbocharged, 4-liter V8 in a “hot V” arrangement (meaning the turbos are placed between the two 4-cylinder banks). As always, all AMG engines are made by hand and signed by their maker.

And a stiff aluminum spaceframe, adjustable damping and Nappa leather mean that, despite those crazy figures, the GT should live up to its “Gran Turismo” moniker. Plus, thousands of personalized interior and exterior colors are available through AMG’s bespoke department, so owners can be sure no two cars are alike.

Consider our attention gotten. (And, we’re sure, Porsche’s.)

Photos by Mercedes-Benz USA