The Mercedes G500 4X4^2 Is An Aristocrat’s Wrangler

Even without its brother’s extra axle, this G-wagon is exponentially cool.

When Mercedes released the G63 AMG 6X6, a three-axle version of the already insane G63 AMG, enthusiasts were aghast and delighted. Imagine if a six-legged grizzly bear ambled out of the woods—it would horrifying, though much more capable than the, uh, standard model. Fear begat checkbooks, and the G63 6X6 sold out its entire run.

To follow up, Mercedes is set to unveil a new Gelandewagen—the G500 4X42—that packs much of the 6X6’s hardware without those extra wheels. One might be tempted to think a four-wheeled version of a six-wheeled G-wagon is just a G-wagon, but wait: the 4X42 (the 64?) keeps the sixer’s increased ride height, black fender flares, knobby tires and long-travel portal axles, though strangely, not its twin-turbocharged V8. By the looks of things, the 4X42 is meant to retain the 6X6’s insane off-road abilities while being a mite more maneuverable, and wearing a much, much brighter suit. (Note to Mercedes: keep that color!)