The Mercedes G65 AMG Is a $218,000 Beverly Hills Tractor

The world’s fastest box is also the best Mercedes you can buy.

Like an affable 23 year-old playing guitar outside his high school, the unchanged-for-36-years Mercedes G-Wagen has so overstayed its welcome that everyone’s sense of confusion and distaste has faded into affection, even popularity. Now Mercedes, the proud parent, has bestowed its ancient jeep with a lavish present: a 621-horsepower, twin-turbocharged V12 that will haul the shed-shaped G-Wagen to 60 miles an hour in 5.3 seconds. They’re calling this insane beast the G65 AMG, and it is the most powerful production off-road vehicle ever made. If you are in the market for a 600+ horsepower Conestoga wagon, we fully recommend the G65 AMG with black wheels and the Designo Mystic Blue paint for the ultimate in flagrant vehicular insanity. Past-its-prime bravado isn’t the worse thing. [$218,000 at your Mercedes dealer]

Photos by Mercedes