This Insane Mercedes Station Wagon is Custom-Made For the Apocalypse

Dropping the kids off at soccer practice just got way more badass.

The Mercedes Unimog is an amazing off-road machine, but why endure a crude truck when you can have all that same capability in a 1987 Mercedes E300 station wagon instead?

You can, with this incredible mash-up of those two vehicles, offered for sale. And the price is only $5,000! Sweet Jesus, that’s actually a pretty good deal. 

That not only includes the 140 horsepower 3.0-liter diesel six-cylinder engine and Mercedes-AMG G550 4×4²-style high-riding portal axles, but a steel-tube exoskeleton to armor up the luxury wagon.

Trouble is, you’ve gotta go to Lithuania to get it. Hey, we never said being awesome was easy.