This Triple-Deck Catamaran Superyacht Can Travel 12,500 Miles on a Single Tank of Gas

The Louisiana-built 158-footer is in it for the long haul.
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Metal Shark Yachts M48  (4)

Metal Shark Yachts' new M48 superyacht won't need to dock for fuel...even after multiple transatlantic journeys. 

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The Louisiana-built 158-footer boasts an incredible range of  11,000 nautical miles (~12,500 miles) at a long-range cruise speed of 10 knots (~11.5 mph). That's enough to make two round trips across the Atlantic ocean, Robb Report notes. 

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The key to its efficiency is n lightweight, all-aluminum construction and catamaran-style twin-hull, which provides approximately twice the range of a similarly sized mono-hull yacht. 

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Even with a pair of 2,600-horsepower Rolls-Royce engines guzzling through the 29,000 fuel supply at its sprinting speed of 23 knots (~26.5 mph), the vessel can complete a 2,500-nautical mile (~2,900-mile) journey—good for a round trip from New York to Miami and then some. 

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This particular model, dubbed "Magnet" was commissioned for a Miami owner who has worked with Metal Shark for a decade.  

“The owner had some unique visions for a yacht and we also had some visions,” Metal Shark CEO Chris Allard told Robb Report. “We were able to align those visions with a very new catamaran design. The goal was to create a "serious, rugged and purpose-built vessel capable of reaching remote, unspoiled destinations that you cannot get to with an airplane.”

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In addition to range, Allard visibility as one of the triple-decker's greatest assets, which is made possible by panoramic windows. 

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“When you’re in it, it feels like you’re in a high-rise apartment rather than a mechanical object,” Allard told RR. “One of our main disruptors is the cat hull. The other is Magnet‘s visibility—the glass-house feeling you get from the forward portion of the yacht."

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Other key features include 4,230 square feet of modular interior living space featuring a a master cabin, VIP cabin, and three guest cabins, an expansive sundeck with wraparound seating and outdoor dining areas, a submersible stern platform with a 5,000-pound capacity that can be used to launch tenders and toys. 

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No price was listed, but feel free to inquire via Metal Shark Yachts' website

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