Clear Space in Your Garage for This Sweet Millennium Falcon Concept Car

Wookie not included.
With his Millennium Falcon concept car, Hungarian designer Robert Kovacs has imagined what our favorite "hunk o' junk" would look like if it took to the roads.

Naturally it makes sense to re-imagine the Millennium Falcon as a drone or a Bluetooth speaker, but what would the iconic Star Wars ship look like if transformed into a road-ready machine? Apparently like a super tricked-out, more futuristic Delorean. (Sorry, BttF on the brain lately.) And with a removable gun turret, at that.

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But seriously, Hungarian automotive design student Robert Kovacs did a stellar (get it?) job with his Falcon concept car. It really captures the essence of our favorite "hunk o' junk." Plus, not only is she fast, but she gets over 12 parsecs to the gallon. And from a practical standpoint, it looks roomy enough for Chewie to drive, perfect for when Han's been out doing shots.

Photos by Robert Kovacs