The Mitsubishi Desert Warrior Is The Apocalypse-Ready Off Roader of Our Dreams

The 'Top Gear' dudes chomping at the bit to abuse it.
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Mitsubushi L200

Top Gear is notoriously hard on vehicles it tests, but the British magazine/TV show has built this Mitsubishi L200 crew cab pickup truck into a custom off-roader dubbed "Desert Warrior" to fortify it for an upcoming challenge in some of the world's harshest terrain.

The Desert Warrior is built in the style of a ‘Pre-Runner’ off-road vehicle – specially modified production vehicles that are beefed-up to ‘pre-run’ stages of off-road desert races.

Mitsubushi L200 rear

“I’ve always had an obsession with ‘Pre-runners’ and this is my idea of the perfect desert truck," explained Top Gear associate editor and Top Gear America host Tom Ford. "It’s a very serious truck but it’s got that little bit of theatre that makes me think it’s got something extra to it. It’s exactly what I wanted – something that has the appearance of a Hot Wheels toy and is every bit as tough as it looks!”

The stock L200 pickups cabin is enhanced by a set of Cobra racing seats, while the chassis is reinforced with an external roll cage, heavily modified suspension, rear wing, oversized wheels with self-inflating tires, long range LED lights and some extra gear such as dual spare tires that will be needed to negotiate some of the world’s harshest terrain.