This Mitsubishi Dune Buggy Concept Is a Hot Hybrid Off-Roader

This radical ride can rotate 180 degrees via a clever new drivetrain.


Mitsubishi’s Mi-Tech Concept (MCC) gives could give the Volkswagen ID. Buggy a run for its money. 

Unlike VW’s EV, the MCC, which was unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, runs a hybrid driverain. But place of a traditional gasoline-powered engine is a compact turbine-powered engine that can run on a variety of fuels other than alcohol, such as diesel or ethanol to charge its generator. No specs were offered, but the system is supposed to be powerful for its size and weight. 


The MCC also runs an electrically powered four wheel drive system. Per Mitsubishi, 

MMC took pride to apply its S-AWC*4 Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control System to a Quad Motor 4WD System with front and rear Dual-Motor Active Yaw Control (AYC)*5 units.

Making the brake calipers electric has also allowed for high response, high accuracy control of drive and braking force of the four wheels while delivering a drastic improvement in turning and traction performance. 


This radical drivetrain is designed to function well off-road, but it also allows for 180-degree spins with the ability to counter-rotate the left and right tires. 

The door-less, open-air ride also looks pretty slick in provided renderings, from the light blue body color with copper accents and the satin-plated “Dynamic Shield” that guards the grille, to the aluminum skid plate and hexagonal rear end. 


Inside, there’s a horizontal instrument panel accented by more copper lines. Keyboard-shaped switches are positioned atop a center console, and the front handgrip also functions as a hand pad to make the switches easy to operate. 


Multiple “driver assistance and preventive safety technologies” will be delivered through a Human Machine Interface that displays various information detected through sensors. Mitsubishi also mentioned an augmented reality HUD on the windshield that could help drivers make accurate decisions in poor visibility, but how it works more specifically is unclear. 

VW moved their ID. Buggy from the concept to prototype stage in a matter of months this year, so maybe Mitsubishi will be able to do the same with the MCC.