The Morgan EV3 Is A Three-Wheeled Electric Beauty

It may look old-timey, but this awesome e-car heads to production later this year.


When it comes to classic British sports cars, the Morgan Motor Company is as traditional as it gets.


However, the bespoke car company’s latest creation is firmly rooted in the future, though the design harkens back to the 1910s and one of the more unusual automobiles ever made.

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The EV3 concept is based on the Morgan Three-Wheeler, a vehicle first introduced by the company in 1911 and revived a hundred years later in 2011. 


The all-electric EV3 weighs less than 1,100 pounds and runs off a 20 KWh lithium battery with a range of 150 miles. 


Set to go into production in late 2016, it features a tubular space frame made of carbon fiber panels with a carbon bonnet, protective cover, side pads and aluminum panels, all hand worked over an ash wood frame. 


“Times are changing, and Morgan is doing it their own way,” the company’s managing director Steve Morris tells designboom

“The EV3 will be an exciting step forward which still keeps the unique driving experience that we’re known for.”


We can hardly wait. 

H/T: Designboom