The Morgan Plus Four CX-T Is a Totally Retro Off-Roader

This prewar-bodied bruiser is ready for off-road racing.
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British sports cars don't get more traditional than what comes out of the century-plus old Morgan Motor Company—all of the anachronistic rides they've produced since firing back up in 2011 after a 50-year absence still boast  pre-WW1 style. 

But the new Plus Four CX-T is designed to tackle the types of terrain that would quickly render similar cars of its originating era totally useless. The rally-ready overlander is based on Morgan's standard Plus Four, which already has a hefty aluminum frame suited for rough terrain. 

Morgan Plus Four CX-T  (5)

That car's BMW 2.0-liter twin-turbo engine is also carried over, good for 255 hp and 295 pound-feet of torque when mated to an eight-speed automatic, or 258 pound-feet of torque when paired with a six-speed manual transmission.  

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According to Road and Track, the suspension got a complete overhaul comprised of modified wishbone arms that accommodate a wider track and EXE-TC coilovers for more travel.

A five-piece underbody protection system features an engine guard, rear chassis guard, mid-section shield and rear undertray. Also equipped is a full bespoke exhaust system with rear side-exit to improve the departure angle and increase ground clearance.

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Out back, the Plus Four's rear section was reworked to create room for off-road equipment, including a rack capable of holding two spare tires, luggage, tools, and emergency supply boxes. The cockpit is protected by an external roll cage, and a RAM truck mount track allows for cameras and smartphones to be secured on the dash. 

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For now, the Morgan's run of eight Plus Four CX-Ts will only be offered in the UK for around $236,000 each. Click here to learn more.