Morgan Wants To Sell You A Wooden Sports Car

Here’s the kicker: You want to buy one.

Right now, Ford is really excited to sell you a new F-150, which for the first time is built on an aluminum frame. Morgan, on the other hand is excited to sell you a new Aero 8, which, like every other Morgan since 1909, is built on a wooden frame. You read that right.

The wood is ash, and the frames are hand formed. On top of that artisanal, old-school base, Morgan bolts sensual bodywork inspired by twenties’ Mercedes and sixties Jaguars, plus a 4.8 liter BMW V8 good for near 400 horsepower. Though the headlights are a touch myopic for our taste, the rest of the Aero 8 is shapely perfection: a boat-tail rear with a clamshell boot and twin exhausts, dramatic fenders, and a chopped-down, square windshield. The result is a retro-to-the-core convertible with contemporary power and, as Morgan’s press release purrs, air-conditioning and airbags.

This isn’t a features car. Rather, it’s a car with elemental features—drivetrain, bodywork, and luxurious, nautical-style interior fittings— so beautifully rendered they make the other fripperies gratuitous. Put more succinctly: It’s a Morgan. [$121,000 at your probably-not-local Morgan Dealer;]