The Mustang GT350 Sounds Fancy and Brutal

With a new flat-crank V8, the hot Ford coupe speaks loudly, though with a continental rasp.

We’ve known the Mustang GT350 is going to be special for a while—really, ever since we learned Ford gave it a brand new, 5.2-liter flat-crank V8. Such a special engine—which is used pretty much exclusively by Ferrari—means great things for power, flexibility, and linearity, all of which will pay huge dividends on the track. That sound, though—that ripping, curling, snapping wail—will work just about everywhere. The best part is that Ford says all that sensual cacophony is 100% organic, with no artificial sounds being piped through the speaker system, as happens in many high-performance, turbocharged European cars. Listen up, and heed the siren song of this American muscle sled with the special V8.