This ’69 Mach 40 With an 850-HP Ford GT Engine Might Be the Baddest Mustang Ever

Pure evil.

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DIY Garage via YouTube

Die-hard Ford fans love the Mustang, but they know the mid-engine GT40 and GT supercars are the Blue Oval’s finest work.

To help move the pony car a little closer to the pedigree of those Le Mans 24-Hour race-winners, the loons at Oregon’s Eckert’s Rod & Custom have bolted the mid-engine 5.4-liter supercharged dual overhead cam engine, transaxle and rear suspension from a 2004 Ford GT supercar into the body shell of a 1969 Mustang Mach 1.

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The Mach 40 makes the ’69 Mach 1’s dummy scoops functional, providing cool air to the engine.

The GT’s engine was originally rated (under-rated, according to experts) at a conservative 550 horsepower, but Eckert’s has bolted on a bigger 4.0-liter Whipple supercharger that lets the drive select output ranging between 600 and 850 horsepower with the turn of a dial.

Look, no engine under the Mach 40’s hood, thanks to its move to the car’s back seat.

The Mustang/GT40 mash-up only took 11,000 hours of labor to create, so they probably wouldn’t charge too much to build you one like it!

The mid-mounted GT engine now rides in what was the Mach 40’s back seat.

This classic crossbreed might not spark the ire of Ford’s lawyers the way a new Mustang/GT mashup, dubbed the GTT, did, even though we liked that car too.

Ford GTT