The $3.25 Million Aston Martin Valkyrie Looks More Beastly Than Ever

The automakers call it “the ultimate hypercar.”

Aston Martin recently let the world know what their 1,130-horsepower Valkyrie sounds like when its gargantuan V12 redlines. New images posted to the fabled British automakers’ Instagram feed show the $3.25 million hypercar has the looks to match its sound. 

The first image, above, shows the Valkyrie’s ultra-sleek body in a blended blue coat of paint.

A single photo of its F1-inspired interior reveals a “reclined ‘feet up’ position” designed to ensure the driver feels as though the vehicle is an extension of themselves. 

But Aston’s boldest claim comes in the caption for the aerial image, in which they call the Valkyrie “the ultimate hypercar.”

That’s tough talk considering that the highest hypercar echelon includes ridiculously fast rides like the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, Bugatti Divo and Mercedes-AMG Project One.

Gearheads everywhere will find out if Aston can deliver on its lofty promise when all 175 examples begin shipping as early as 2019.