The BMW 2-Series Levels Up in a Huge Way For 2018

The automaker goes all in with this Ultimate Driving Machine.
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In today's competitive car market, standing still equals falling behind. That's why BMW has already refreshed the nearly-new compact 2-Series coupe and convertible.


These are among our favorite cars, and for 2018 they gain updates like all-LED headlights in a hexagonal interpretation of BMW's usual circular arrangement. Wider kidney grilles and horizontal bars in the lower air intakes enhance the car's visual width.


Too many cars come in monochromatic shades of gray, ranging from white to black, with no actual color pigments. For 2018, BMW has added a pair of new blues to the 2-Series, Mediterranean Blue Metallic and a lighter Seaside Blue Metallic. Those are in addition to the bold Sunset Orange, so forget any complaints about dreary color options.


There are also new aluminum wheels for 2018, with several versions of the 18-inch double-spoke design available, depending on the exact trim level.


BMW's excellent powertrains remain unchanged, but hopefully the car enjoys updates that we've seen to other new BMWs, such as a change to one-touch off for the keyless power button. 

BMWs have required double-punching the power button to turn the car off, followed by two equally pointless pulls of the door handle (the first pull unlocks the door and the second opens it), so it seems like with the 2-Series BMW is finally backing away from these small but annoying features that have seriously irritated customers in the past.

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