The New Harley-Davidson Roadster is a Blacked-Out Beauty

The $11,000 bike delivers plenty of bang for the buck.

Harley-Davidson just rolled out the $11,100 Roadster, a version of its Sportster 1200 that combines shortened fenders, cast aluminum wheels designed to echo classic spoked wheels, and a massive 43 mm inverted fork to deliver muscle bike looks and great handling.

The Milwaukee company is stirring up interest in the Roadster with a new commercial targeting customers who grew up riding bikes with their buddies. It’s part of Harley’s Live Your Legend series spots that seeks to remind us of the bonds forged by riding the All-American motorcycle.

The Roadster borrows throwback looks from race bikes of the late ’50s and ’60s. “The interlacing spokes shoot outward toward opposite sides of the wheel, creating a dramatic visual effect,” said Harley-Davidson Industrial Designer Ben McGinley. “These wheels are also very light for their size, which contributes to the Roadster’s handling performance.”

Gas-charged rear shocks, tri-rate springs and greater suspension travel than any other Sportster model underscore the Roadster’s handling credentials, and anti-lock braking is available for the bike’s dual 11.8-inch rotor front/ single rotor rear disc brakes

The Roadster is the latest edition in Harley’s Dark Custom lineup, but that doesn’t mean that it only comes in Model T black: Blue, red and silver paint schemes are also available.

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