5 Reasons We Want to Live Inside the All-New Lincoln Continental

Homelessness might not be so bad after all.

Lincoln Continental

As Lincoln looks reestablish itself as the definitive American luxury vehicle, the 99-year-old company revealed an all-new Continental to much hoopla at the 2015 New York Auto Show.

At the time we noted: “Setting aside the overused chrome—10 Harleys appear to have been melted down and poured over the Lincoln—the Conti’s plush blue, Pan Am-style interior and powerful presence could make for the first no-apologies Lincoln in ages.” Turns out our writer was on to something.

It’s a model with a deep history. The very first Lincoln Continental rolled off the line in 1939, originally conceived to be the personal ride of no less than Ford Motor Company President Edsel Ford. The luxury icon glided along through nine generations of models until 2002, ending that phase of its life as the ubiquitous favorite of mustachioed livery cab drivers.

We recently spent a long weekend with the all-new 2017 Continental, driving from the bustle and grime of Manhattan to the tony suburbs Long Island. Along the way we discovered that the inside of a Lincoln is a pretty spectacular place to chill. Here’s why:

1. The Ride

In the second most memorable conversation in Donnie Brasco (if you disagree, fuhgeddaboudit), a group of mobsters debates the merits of Cadillacs versus Lincolns. “Cadillacs have more power,” one argues. “A Lincoln’s like driving a fucking water bed,” another chimes in. Though he means it as an insult, the truth is, the modern incarnation of the Continental has one of the smoothest rides imaginable. Whether gliding over the well-potholed Grand Central Parkway (thanks, de Blasio!) or zipping up and down the hilly roads outside fancy-schmancy Roslyn, Lincoln’s Drive Control, which we had locked in comfort mode, kept us comfortable indeed.

2. The Seats

We’ve been obsessed with the Lincoln’s seats even before we got to spend an entire weekend in them. And with good reason. “Continental’s Perfect Position Seats are a great example of our philosophy around delivering personally crafted experiences,” Eric Turner, Continental’s Brand Manager tells Maxim. “These seats adjust 30-different ways and will heat, cool and massage the rider.” 

Inspired by private jets and high-end office furniture, the buckets up front not only look killer, but kept our butts happy for hours.

3. The Back

Don’t go thinking that passengers in the rear are second-class schmucks who were too slow calling shotgun. On the contrary, the back seats might be even sweeter than the front. There are audio and climate controls, sunshades, and reclining, heated, cooled and massaging seats. The efficient cabin design also provides plenty of rear legroom. And, just as in front, the materials—leather, wood, aluminum—are top notch.

The only problem? No way you’ll be able to squeeze in six girlies.

4. The Stereo

“Our audio engineers worked hand-in-hand with the Revel Audio team to ensure each of the 19 speakers is placed in the perfect place to ensure a top-of-the-line music listening experience,” says Turner. Turns out 19 speakers do the trick. Whether blasting mellow grooves from the ‘70s (yeah, we get down with The Bridge on SiriusXM) or hearing that damn Chainsmokers song for the hundredth time, me and my crew were in auditory bliss.

5. The Quiet

You don’t buy a Lincoln for its screaming engine. You buy it to get some damn peace and quiet already. (At least for those moments when you’re not blasting 19 speakers.) The Continental offers interesting innovations to manage vehicle noise and vibration, including Active Noise Control and acoustic laminated glass. “Our teams worked tirelessly to ensure each time our clients ride in the Continental, whether it is for 15 minutes or 15 hours, they’ll arrive feeling refreshed and rejuvenated,” Turner tells us.

So whether you’re an Oscar-winning stoner who needs a sanctuary for some very deep thoughts, or just someone looking for a smooth, quiet, peaceful ride, the inside of the Continental is the place to be.