Nissan Reveals Futuristic Electric Bladeglider Sports Car

It just might be the craziest thing Nissan has ever made.


The Rio Olympics opened with the three-seat shuttle run, as Nissan arrived on the scene with functional prototypes of its wildly unorthodox, electric-powered Bladeglider concept sports car giving rides to journalists and VIPs.

Photo: Nissan Motor Co.

Conceptually, the narrow-front Bladeglider borrows from Nissan ZEOD RC race car of 2013, employing the same close-spaced front wheels and minimal mass to a vehicle meant for practical everyday use rather than on-track technology demonstration.

The Bladeglider uses its twin electric motors producting 268 combined horsepower to accelerate its 2,860 lbs to 62 mph in less than 5 seconds. Top speed exceeds 115 mph.

Photo: Nissan Motor Co.

A computer-controlled torque vectoring system automatically steers more power to the outside rear wheel when cornering, helping the Bladeglider slice through turns.

Photo: Nissan Motor Co.

The lucky Olympic passengers will enjoy easy access to the Bladegliders two back seats, since the single driver’s seat is center-mounted in Formula One (or McLaren F1) style.

Photo: Nissan Motor Co.

Calling the Bladeglider “the electric vehicle for car lovers,” Carlos Ghosn, Nissan president and CEO said, “These prototypes epitomize Nissan’s drive to expand its Intelligent Mobility strategy, where driving pleasure combines with environmental responsibility.”

Photo: Nissan Motor Co.

Olympic visitors might hope Nissan brought more of the cars for rides if Brazil‘s new subway runs into problems during the games.


Dan Carney