This 2,438 HP Nissan GT-R Custom Supercar Is A Fiery Godzilla

Wait til you hear how fast this Japanese beast does a quarter-mile.

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Photo: T1 Race Development

Nissan introduced an updated 2017 GT-R at the New York Auto Show. The newest version boosts the legendary car’s output to 565 horsepower, an increase of 20 horses. Tuner Tony Palo probably loses double-digit horsepower increases in his couch cushions. His GT-R? It boasts a mind-boggling 2,438 horsepower.

Palo uses his personal matte gray GT-R to test parts that his shop, T1 Race Development, bolts on customers’ cars. With all the company’s hot-rod parts installed, Palo’s GT-R tore off a dyno run that showed the car producing that incredible number at the rear wheels. Carmakers measure horsepower directly at the engine’s flywheel, so they get a true number for its power. Rear-wheel measurements are lower because of friction losses in the drivetrain between the engine and the dyno.

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The numbers from the drag strip are equally astounding. Palo’s rocket shot through the quarter mile in 7.3 seconds, traveling 195 mph when it crossed the finish line. In a half-mile acceleration run, the car reached 235 mph.

Photo: T1 Race Development

To accelerate that hard, the car is pulling more than 2 gs at launch, and is still pushing to driver into the seat back with 1 g of force when it reaches third gear, Palo reports in the T1’s promotional video.

Photo: T1 Race Development

“The GT-R has always been the pinnacle of the Japanese supercar,” he said. “You can make a ton of power, reliably. As far as Japanese cars go, there is nothing that compares to it. As far as any car goes.”

Photo: T1 Race Development

The GT-R’s all-wheel drive system is key to the car’s ability to exploit the insanely boosted horsepower, Palo points out. Rear-drive cars can make impressive power, but they struggle to put that power to the pavement, he said.

Photo: T1 Race Development

With T1 building ever more power for GT-R customers, the company looks poised to help this Japanese supercar retain its position at the pinnacle.

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