The Notoriously Tasteful Millionaire’s Custom Supercar

James Glickenhaus pus a Ferrari Enzo nose on an Acura NSX engine and it totally worked.

Before he was one of America’s premier automotive enthusiasts and gentleman racers, James Glickenhaus was stock magnate, and before that, a writer and producer of The Exterminator. (His CV is much, much cooler than yours.) As a follow-up to his spectacular collaboration with Pininfarina—the Ferrari Enzo-based P4/5—Glickenhaus has produced the SCG 003 Stradale, a race-ready, road-worthy supercar. (SCG stands for Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, the car is the third (003) he’s produced, and “Stradale” is Italian for “street.”)

The car combines an Enzo-like nose—the man has his preferences—with sloping, spiny rear of an endurance racer, and while the main engine will be a version of Honda’s twin-turbo V6 (to be used in their upcoming NSX), it’s mounted on a detachable sub-frame, meaning another engine (rumored to be a TT W12) could be easily swapped in. That adaptability underscores what Glickenhaus has said about the 003: it’s a racecar for the street, and racecars must have easily swappable components. In either version, we’re excited for the car’s debut at Geneva