The Widebody Ferrari 812 'N-Largo' Is More Powerful Than Ever

Good luck taming this Prancing Horse.
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Novitec Widebody Ferrari 812 Superfast 8

The mad geniuses at Novitec, the German custom shop that somehow made the McLaren 720S even more lustworthy, has now worked their automotive magic on the Ferrari 812 Superfast. 

Like the British supercar, the V12-powered Prancing Horse gets a wide-body mod and Novitec's "N-Largo" designation. The carbon fiber kit widens the rear and front by 5.5 and 2.8 inches respectively, giving Italian exotic a menacing breadth. 

Novitec Widebody Ferrari 812 Superfast  (6)

Rocker panels and a new rear spoiler finished in matte black serve double duty as aggro design elements and aerodynamic enhancements. The hood also has retooled air vents plus a new bumper, and the whole body is dropped 1.37 inches. 

Novitec Widebody Ferrari 812 Superfast  (2)

If you do need to get the custom 812 up, say, a moderately steep driveway, just hit the hydraulic system to boost the front up 1.57 inches. 

Novitec Widebody Ferrari 812 Superfast  (7)

A set of 21-inch front and 22-inch rear rims round out the aesthetic upgrades, which turns our attention to the engine. Novitec's tune cranks the naturally-aspirated 12-cylinder's output from 789 to 829 horsepower. A quad-pipe exhaust system ensures that you feel and hear the difference. 

According to Motor 1, Novitec's Ferrari 812 N-Largo will hit 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds before maxing out at 214 mph, making it slightly faster than stock. 

Novitec Widebody Ferrari 812 Superfast  (5)

Oh, and the cabin is offered in an array of colorful Alcantara, including this wild purple and black trim that looks like something Prince would have tooled around in. 

Novitec Widebody Ferrari 812 Superfast  (4)

No price was listed, but we'd recommend contacting Novitec now if you're interested the package—all four of their other Ferrari N-Largo kits are already sold out. 

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