The Lamborghini Aventador S Gets Leaner and Meaner Thanks to a Genius German Tuner

Novitec has created a monster.
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Where to turn for tuning parts for a thoroughbred Italian supercar? Germany, obviously! At least that the thinking at Novitec, the Stetten, Germany-based shop where they love to make fast cars even faster.

Novitec's approach is to apply more of the same techniques used by Lamborghini. That means wind-tunnel tested carbon fiber body parts that the company says improve aero performance while lending a distinctive aggressive appearance.


They've hot-rodded the engine with familiar tricks, including a ultra-lightweight Inconel exhaust system and a retuned engine management system to optimize fuel and ignition mapping. Active exhaust flaps are available optionally to let drivers choose between wild and mild exhaust sound.


Novitec suspension kits lower the Aventador even closer to the road, with killer tire and wheel combinations that lend an incredible stance. 



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