Now You Can Order a Tesla Online Like a Pizza

Just in time for the holidays, Elon Musk’s e-car company lets you customize an SUV any way you want it. 

Tesla has launched an online ordering system that lets buyers configure a Model X SUV to their desires and get a place in line for delivery some time in 2016.

The page clearly breaks down the cost of various options and the credit of different incentives to provide the exact cost to shoppers up front. No haggling here, just transparency.

Once would-be buyers dig into the ordering process, they can consider how many seats their Model X will have, whether to splurge to enable it semi-autonomous autopilot system, how large a battery it should have and whether they need to be coddled by cushy air suspension and premium audio.

The site also warns that budget-minded customers ordering the smaller battery in the 70D will start further back in the queue, with deliveries coming later in the year. What better way to spend Black Friday than not fighting mall crowds to do your shopping?

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