The NXT Rage Electric Motorcycle Is a Silent, Stripped-Down Stunner

Silent but violent.

NXT Rage Electric Motorcycle Promo

Dutch motorcycle startup NXT is hoping to kickstart the electric motorcycle game with its new naked bike The Rage, launched at the 2019 Motorbeurs in Utrecht, Netherlands. 

The stripped-down, blacked-out beauty features an electric motor and a 7-inch color display, and NXT claims the carbon fiber chassis makes the bike twice as strong and 25 percent lighter than similar bikes in its class, as well as improving handling, braking and range. 

The bike also has Öhlins forks, monoshock and Brembo brakes and an LED headlight. 


Perhaps best of all, the Rage is surprisingly cheap for an electric bike at $28,000.  Here’s more from NXT, which employs the somewhat questionable slogan “Badass Can Also Be Goodass” on their site to drive home the fact that this thing doesn’t just look cool, it’s also 100 percent electric with zero tailpipe or noise emissions.

An electric drive train makes torque available immediately! That results in a fabulous performance launching a shot of adrenaline. No loss of energy building up power through shifting up in the gears, but immediate power – from the motor to the road – the second you turn that throttle!


An electric drive train results in zero tailpipe emissions as it burns no fossil fuel. Electrically powered products are therefore the best sustainable alternative available to support the environment. Not only CO² emissions, but also noise emission is eliminated.

The naked bike concept offers the best alternative for frequent commuting. This shows through the ultimate combination of sportive riding with a comfortable drive position, but without compromising on enjoying your recreational rides. 100% electric for 100% of the time.

There’s no word on when the NXT Rage will be available to the public, but interested parties can always contact the company here