The 'BadGal' is a 141-Foot Superyacht With a Blistering Top Speed

Live fast on the Italian-made "BadGal" superboat.
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Officina Amare BadGal (3)

Officina Armare is the luxury boat brand behind this Lamborghini-inspired cruiser boat, so it follows that the Italian design studio would build a 141-foot superyacht with an astounding top end. 

The so-called BadGal boasts twin MTU 12V 4000CM93L engines to push the massive vessel to 29 knots, or about 33 mph.

  Robb Report adds that such speed is achieved as the result of a planing hull design, which allows her to travel on top of the water and not through it. 

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That speed is really only a perk when BadGal's gorgeous design and amenities are considered. In profile, two giant black windows are merged by a contour line, with a high sheer line that runs from bow to stern. 

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A luxe baroque-style interior is shown with silk tissues for curtains, linings and bedsheets, mahogany wood for desks, nightstands and tables, and marble for kitchen counter and bathrooms. 

Moving through the main deck reveals a large dining area and a living area illuminated by towering windows, complete with an open bar. A staircase leads to the upper deck's Jacuzzi pool, lounge area, terrace balcony and, surprisingly, a music studio. 

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The main deck accommodates two in a sizeable master's cabin, plus eight more in four guest cabins with their own private bathrooms on the lower deck, where a watertight bulkhead keeps guests separated from six crew members and captain's cabins. 

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Officina Armare cleverly chose a V-drive transmission configuration to increase lower deck space, allowing room for a tender garage that can house a jet ski, seabob and a small custom boat.

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Due for completion in 2023, the Officina Armare BadGal is listed on Worth Avenue Yachts' website for an undisclosed price available on request.