This 236-Foot Luxury Sailboat Has Its Own Pool

It's the ultimate party yacht.
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When you think of a sailboat, a dinky Sunfish might come to mind. Or a pirate ship. 

The "Osseo luxury performance yacht" is probably nothing like those or anything else with a mast that you may have visualized.

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Serbian designer Igor Jankovic conceptualized the massive watercraft with a 236-foot, corrosion-resistant hull crafted from carbon fiber and graphene, as well as a DynaRig dual-mast system that's twice as efficient as traditional square riggers.

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Additionally, unspecified diesel and electric motors can be used as alternative power sources.

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As for that "luxury" part, the deck boasts lounge furniture, a dining table with a stunning view, and a party-worthy pool that's covered by semi-transparent tinted glass.

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Down below is an equally opulent interior. The master suite is located towards the stern, while the main saloon offers a space to entertain with a white sectional sofa and a second dining area. 

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While Jankovic caps the number of guest count at 12, the minimalist layout offers an abundance of deck and living space suitable for a day-long party at sea with many more passengers in attendance. 

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We just have one question: Which of the world's 2,200-plus billionaires will commission the Osseo?