Our Favorite 14 Cars From Today’s RM Auction in Paris

Do you know the words “Iso Grifo”? It’s Italian for “bring your checkbook.”

The catalog that RM curated for today’s Paris Auction is so stunning that, were it a single collection, it might just be the best in the world. Among the 65 cars are at least ten whose pre-sale estimates exceed $1 million, plus cars with intricate racing and war-time histories. In addition, a few of the cars are nothing if not superlative: the best Ferrari F40 in existence, the prettiest Iso Grifo ever made, a prime version of the Ferrari 250 Lusso (considered the brand’s most beautiful tourer) and a rare early Lamborghini Countach.

The cars are beautiful, they pictures are unbelievable, and the sheer number is overwhelming. We picked out fourteen that we want in our personal Maxim garage, had we the $10 million or so needed to pick them up. It’s sad, but this slideshow is as close as any of us might ever get, so dig deep. 

Photos by RM Auctions