The Pagani Huayra Pearl Is a Gorgeous One-of-A-Kind Supercar

Hell, yes.

It may seem impossible, but Italian supercar maker Pagani found a way to make its incredible Huayra dream machine even more stunningly beautiful with its latest iteration, the Huayra Pearl.

This one-off custom built for Refined Marques is coated in an eye-catching tinted paint job that shimmers in sky blue while still revealing the weave of the carbon fiber fabric beneath it.

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While Pagani isn’t yet talking about the Pearl, McLaren Automotive recently produced a similarly tinted P1. In a conversation at the company’s headquarters, James Banks, Head of Bespoke Cars, McLaren Special Operations explained that because the underlying carbon fiber is black, spraying a tinting coat on cars like the P1 and now the Huayra won’t work because it will just look black.

Instead, the tinting effect is created by spraying very thin, very even layers of conventional pigmented paint, with the final result so thin that the underlying carbon weave remains visible.

Pagani’s most recent one-off Huayra, the $2.5 million BC, enjoyed a slight horsepower bump, from the standard 750 hp to 789 hp. 

The exotic car company hasn’t provided any technical specifications for the Pearl, but a large central air intake like the one on the previous Pagani Zonda arches over the roof and could contribute to higher output for the Pearl’s 6.0-liter Mercedes-AMG V12 engine.

The Pearl also shows a split rear wing, with a big gap in the middle where the wing is shielded from oncoming air by the engine’s air intake scoop. There’s probably no advantage to this arrangement, but it will tip you off next time you see a Huayra that it is definitely the Pearl.

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