The 850-HP Pagani Huayra R Is An Ultra Lightweight Hypercar

For track day fiends.

Like the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 and the Bugatti Bolide, Pagani’s new Huayara R is an especially potent hypercar that’s purpose-built for track day warriors. 

Because standard 775-horsepower Huayra wasn’t extreme enough, this racy variant tops off the AMG-built 6.0-liter V12’s output with 850 hp and 553 pound-feet of torque at 8,250 and 9,000 revs, respectively. All in a car that tips the scales at a feathery 2,315 pounds. 

The engine, which is attached to the central monocoque to help support the alloy subframes, puts the power to APP forged monolithic aluminum alloy wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero slicks via a sequential six-speed equipped with a three-sintered metal-disc racing clutch.

To bolster structure integrity, the rear frame is incorporated with the monocoque to achieve a 51 percent increase in flexural rigidity and 16 percent increase in torsional rigidity compared to the roadgoing Huayra.  

Aerodynamics are also improved with a new roof scoop, side intakes and wheel arches that direct airflow to generate maximum downforce while cooling the powerplant. New wings on the hood provide extra stability and minimize turbulence. 

The interior is also race-ready, with traction control, ABS map selection, radio communication and other important functions controlled via the quick-release steering wheel. Secondary controls such as lights, engine and suspension maps, and brake balance are available on the center console. 

A high resolution, fully customizable, motorsport-spec dashboard display feeds the driver necessary information to monitor the status of the vehicle, including telemetry. The adjustable pedal set was also made custom by AP Racing to be especially light. 

“Today’s racing cars are focused exclusively on aerodynamics and are largely the product of the wind tunnel. In the 60s and 70s, however, the cars were very fast, certainly dangerous, but beautiful. Prototype sports cars like the Ferrari P4 or the Ford GT40, or the Le Mans cars, had extremely attractive lines, which are still a huge source of inspiration for our cars today,” Horacio Pagani said in a statement. 

“The Porsche 917 is my favorite, with its romantic yet bold shape, which gives the impression of a very fast car. It is beautiful, elegant and timeless. From this desire for freedom, and from the experience of the Zonda R and the cars of the past, came the idea of the Huayra R, like a breath of fresh air.”

Limited to just 30 examples, the Pagani Huayra R starts at $3.1 million.