This Military-Spec Off-Road Camping Trailer Will Go Anywhere Your Truck Can Go

It's got everything you need.
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Patriot X1 Camper8

If you liked last year's Patriot off-road motorhome built on a Toyota Land Cruiser, you're sure to appreciate the Patriot X1 off-road camper trailer that you can tow into the wilderness.

This military-spec beast features a king-size bed on top, a large tent providing living space and an awning for a front porch.

Patriot X1 Camper2

Of course, you need a kitchen for your home in the woods, so Patriot provides a fold-out gas grille to cook your food. 

Patriot X1 Camper9

There is also a silverware drawer and plumbed sink.

Patriot X1 Camper3

At some point, you and your gear are going to get wet. Patriot can't do much for you, but they do provide a wet box space for your gear to dry without getting your other belonging wet.

Patriot X1 Camper5

The bed is on top of the camper, so Patriot includes a fold-down ladder for easy access to the X1's penthouse. 

Patriot X1 Camper10

Patriot packs the X1 with thoughtful details, like the ability to match the trailer's wheel hub to those of your tow vehicle. This not only keeps you stylish by letting you match the trailer's wheels and tires to your truck's, but more critically, it means that truck and trailer can use the same spare, so you don't need to take two.

Patriot X1 Camper

Likewise, the camper can run a heater and water heater on diesel fuel, so if you have a diesel truck, the camper can use the truck's fuel supply.

Patriot X1 Camper6

Pricing for the X1 Grand Tourer starts at $41,390. Looks like you're out of excuses for not taking that big camping trip you've been dreaming about.

Patriot X1 Camper7

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