This Eco-Friendly Ocean Liner Is the Future of Cruise Ships

This eye-popping vessel is packed with green tech.

Peace Boat  Promo
Image: Oliver Design

The Peaceboat Ecoship is a green new ocean liner that Leonardo DiCaprio can get excited about.″ tml-render-layout=”inline

Using 10 retractable wind generators and 10 retractable solar panels that double as large sails in windy conditions, the eco-friendly vessel is projected to use 20 percent less fuel than typical cruise ships and reduce carbon emissions by up to 40 percent. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended). Plans are in place for a closed-loop system that circulates water through indoor gardens across five decks, allowing patrons to harvest fresh herbs and veggies on their journey. No factory-farmed produce on this boat! 

Image: Oliver Design

Conference areas will also allow for forward-thinking individuals to plot their next earth-saving project. 

Image: Oliver Design

The 820-foot long ship will house up to 2,000 passengers in 750 modest cabins and travel at a top speed of 21 knots (25 mph). 

Image: Oliver Design

Spanish architecture firm Oliver Design received the commission from Japanese-based NGO Peaceboat to bring the ambitious project to fruition. Its maiden voyage is set for 2020 to coincide with the Tokyo Olympic games.  

See more renderings of the Ecoship in the above gallery. 

h/t: Uncrate