Polaris and Zero Motorcycles Launch New Electric Ranger UTV

The electric motorcycle manufacturer’s powerful long-range drivetrains are giving the side-by-side a major boost in a new video.

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Polaris is looking to level up the EV space with help from innovative electric bike manufacturer Zero Motorcycles, beginning with the launch of a yet-named all-electric Ranger. 

This is far from Polaris’s the first battery-powered UTV—the American powersports giant has made the Ranger EV since 2015. No specs were announced in the above video, which happens to end with a blackout shot of an LED-lit bumper that’s very reminiscent GM’s first commercial for the Hummer EV. 


“As our top-selling off-road vehicle brand, RANGER has continually set the benchmark as the hardest working, smoothest riding UTV, leading the market in rider-inspired innovation,” said Steve Menneto, president of Polaris Off Road. “The new electric powertrain will elevate the RANGER platform to a whole new level of capability, durability and performance.”

Polaris has clearly recognized that their existing Ranger EV’s performance leaves a lot to be desired. The current 2021 model delivers a rather paltry 30 horsepower via a single, 48-volt AC-induction motor. The side-by-side tops out at under 30 mph, and can travel a maximum of 45 miles on a single charge after being plugged into a socket for eight hours, according to UTV Driver.  

The existing Polaris Ranger EV. 

Compare that to the outstanding specs of one of Zero’s bikes. The SR/S’s ZF 75-10 electric motor produces 110 horsepower from a 14.4kWh battery. It can go for 200 miles without a charge, and you can “refuel” the battery to 95 percent in just one hour. 

Of course, the Ranger is going to be heavier and geared for towing and hauling, not wheelies and silent street riding. Without any other solid info, we’ll just say that Polaris’ powersports industry-exclusive partnership with Zero Motorcycles has the potential to create a host of super-capable electric UTVs, ATVs and dune buggies. The new electric Ranger could just the beginning. 

Expect the first models to hit dealerships in early 2022.