This Retro-Inspired Firebird Concept Is the Meanest Thing We've Ever Seen on 4 Wheels

Pure evil.

While the '69 Camaro receives most of the love for the first-generation General Motors F-Body Firebird/Camaro twins, some of us like the '67-'69 Firebird even better.


Russian designer Kasim Tlibekov is one such fan, so even though General Motors gave up on Pontiac, and with it, the Firebird, Tlibekov hasn't forgotten. 


Indeed, after seeing modern updates on competitors like the Mustang, Camaro and Challenger, he fired up his computer to produce a contemporary take on the classic '60s Firebird, producing this slick black beast.


More recently, Tlibekov has updated his clean original design with track-ready aerodynamic updates like a front splitter and an enormous rear wing.


It isn't likely that GM will resurrect the Firebird name anytime soon, but a custom builder could surely apply Tlibekov's design to a classic car to create a one-off. This is a design that deserves to escape the confines of the virtual world.

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