This 1,300-HP Pontiac Trans Am Restomod Is For Sale on eBay

Go ahead and take our money.


Restomods can get pretty ridiculous in the horsepower department—be it a 670-hp 1966 Ford Bronco or a 912-hp 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

This overhauled 1981 Pontiac Trans Am trumps them both, and you can buy it on eBay right now. The muscle car-loving madmen at Schwartz Performance dropped in a gargantuan 6.9-liter, twin-turbo LS9 iron block V8, endowing the “Screaming Chicken” with 1,300 horses—twice the power of a Corvette Z06. 


A Bowler 4L85E automatic transmission handles the engine’s insane output. The listing claims it’ll rocket to over 200 mph on a 1/2-mile drag strip, and we believe it. 

The Woodstock, Illinois-based shop put over 2,200 hours and $300,000 into the project. Other upgrades include their own Schwartz Performance G-Machine chassis, a custom exhaust, red Forgeline wheels, leather seats, a badass ratchet shifter, and, of course, the obligatory “Screaming Chicken” hood decal.  


The seller will part ways with this tricked-out Trans-Am for $160,000 or best offer. Check it out on eBay before the listing expires.