The Porsche GT Vision Semi Is the Hypercar Hauler the World Needs

This futuristic big rig looks as good as its cargo.

To the best of our knowledge, Porsche doesn’t make a big rig. But if the German automaker did make one, Alex Baldini Imnadze believes it might look like this.

The visual artist went viral after conjuring a concept he dubbed the Porsche GT Vision 907/917 for the Gran Turismo video game series two years ago. Now he’s imagined a futuristic semi to designed to haul the dreamy Le Mans-inspired hypercars. 

The Porsche GT Vision Truck is shown with the exact same color scheme as his 917, a similar bubble-shaped cockpit and a massive spoiler bearing the Porsche logo.

With the attached trailer it rides on 12 enclosed wheels, which conceivably would offer a huge amount of grip—a great thought given its pricey cargo. 

Plus, it looks way slicker than Ford’s self-driving truck

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