2019 Porsche 911 Speedster Gets Extremely Limited Production Run

Only 1,948 of these beauties will be made.
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The fate of the Porsche 911 is murky at best right now. Looking to focus on SUVs and CUVs no doubt due to the popularity of the Cayenne, Macan and Panamera, Porsche seems to be pivoting, and the iconic 911 could be among the collateral damage. 

In the spirit of “get it while you can,” Porsche is giving the 911 something of a last hurrah, and the just-announced 2019 911 Speedster is the beautiful embodiment of it.


To state the obvious, the ‘19 Speedster is pure fire. Beginning life as a concept that no one expected to get made, Porsche has surprised the automotive world by announcing that they will actually put it into a limited production of 1,948 cars, an homage to the year the car was first introduced. That’s great news for Porsche fans looking to add an inevitably collectible, last-of-its-kind 911 to their collection.


The flat-six engine is nothing to scoff at, pumping out 500hp at 9,000 RPM, but the concept-turned-production Speedster is all about body. Drawing inspiration from the classic heritage of the Porsche 356 Model but doing so with a thoroughly modern approach, the stunning look of the Speedster is unique to itself.


Meant to be driven with the top off, the low slung windows and double bubble behind the head rests make the Speedster immediately recognizable as something special among Porsche’s 2019 offerings. There’s also a shocking amount of carbon fiber composite in this model, from fenders to trunks.


Other trimmings, like headlights and wheels, draw from more racing-minded Porsche models like the GT3. A closer look at the sideview mirrors show what may be the most drastic design-choice in the 2019 Speedster. 

Porsche calls the bullet-ended mirrors “talbot-shaped” but, from the looks of them, may have been borrowed from the bustier of a late-80s Madonna outfit. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.


No word on pricing just yet but it’s sure to be exorbitant given the collectible nature and limited run. 

The 2019 911 Speedster will hit the streets in the first half of 2019, and it's also the first Porsche to be available with the Heritage Design Package from Porsche Exclusive that allows for even higher levels of customization in this unique Speedster and, presumably, beyond.