If You’re a Porsche Freak, You Need this New Book Now

It’s packed with 111 stories about the iconic brand.

Sure, you can pick up a couple nuggets of Porsche history by watching Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld talk cars as guests on each other’s shows, but if you want all the Porsche news and trivia, 111 Porsche Stories That You Should Know is your one-stop source.

Did you know that the very first Porsche 356 of 1948 was not rear-engined? That one-off car had its engine mounted in the middle, like the later 550 Spyder. 

And you’ve got to see the time Porsche lifted a priceless 904 Carrera GTS with a crane and dropped it on its nose to simulate a 30 mph crash test in the days before they had an actual crash test lab. Or how they used an ex-Soviet air base in the former East Germany for high-speed runs during the media launch of the Carrera GT.

The $32.95, 300-page hardcover book includes 150 color photos of all the classic Porsches, drivers, engineers and executives that made the company the icon it is today. It will look great on a coffee table near you.