Roll in Total Decadence in These Bespoke Mercedes Vans With Private Jet-Style Interiors

These tricked-out traveling fortresses cost as much as a house.

Stretch limos are cool. But if you really want to roll in unapologetic luxury, you need a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van—just ask T.I. 

Enter Becker Automotive Design, a company that’s been making VIP transports for over 20 years. They’ve endowed the German automaker’s JetVan with the baller interior of a private jet. Just check out the gallery above.  

Four different floor plans offer a variety of spacious configurations. Our favorite—Plan A—has a four-seat sectional upholstered in premium white European leather in the front, two VIP recliners in the back, and a fully stocked mini-bar in between.

Mutlimedia center options include—but aren’t limited to—a 40″ 4K LCD TV in the front (and a 32″ HD LED for rear-facing passengers), hi-fi surround system and touch-screen controls.  

A seemingly never-ending list of other custom amenities such as massage seats, surveillance systems, a lavatory, and bulletproof armor are also available. Plus there’s a gazillion different luxe decors to choose from.

If the JetVan isn’t your speed, the company can also give a stretch Cadillac Escalade ESV a similar treatment. 

Depending on the options selected, these tricked-out roadgoing fortresses can take up to 180 days to transform. The fully equipped builds cost $450,000.

Learn more from Becker Automotive Design. 

h/t: Inside Hook