‘Project Beast’ Stuffs A Corvette Engine Into a Land Rover Defender

A ‘Vette V8 makes this custom Defender even more awesome.

EC Beast1.jpg

East Coast Defender, a Land Rover Defender custom shop in Central Florida, has created an unholy hybrid of Land Rover and Corvette called “Project Beast.”

The mad geniuses crammed a 430-horsepower 6.2-liter small block V8 engine from a Corvette into a Land Rover Defender 110, an upgrade that lets this off-road monster rocket to 60 mph in seven seconds when it is on dry pavement.

Project Beast | A Land Rover Defender 110 with Chevrolet LS3 Engine from THOMAS HUMBLE on Vimeo.

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Naturally, the Beast has received suitable reinforcements to help the 1985 Defender withstand the fury of a Corvette under the hood.  That meant installing Ashcroft drive shafts and limited-slip differentials front and rear. 

Photo: East Coast Defender

Tarox brakes ensure that the giant 4×4 stops when the time comes. Underpinning the Beast is an all-new frame, built by East Coast Defender, and aftermarket Terrafirma Suspension, so drivers know there’s no ancient steel waiting to fail them under its black sheetmetal.

Photo: East Coast Defender

Inside, check out the diamond-stitched leather bucket seats, killer audio system and Momo steering wheel.

Photo: East Coast Defender

Here’s the view other off-roaders are likely to get, as The Beast motors into the distance, courtesy of its Corvette powerplant. 

Good luck staying on its tail.

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