These 8 Gloriously Orange Rides Will Get You Into the Halloween Spirit

The few, the proud, the orange.

For some reason, Cinderella was disappointed when her ride turned back into a pumpkin, but we’d be thrilled to take any of these pumpkin-orange rides to the Halloween ball.

Orange paint definitely attracts attention, and does it without falling into the cliche of red.

Some orange is so unique that it can’t be found elsewhere, as with this custom-ordered Dodge Viper, which is sprayed in its own customer-specified hue.

While that lucky Viper owner has an exotic machine with its own color of paint, Dodge has maintained a long tradition of fun names for exciting paint colors that anyone can buy. Example: “Go Mango,” a mango orange shade on the Challenger and Charger.

If you’ve got an orange crush, but you wallet can’t quite handle any of these beasts, the Ford Fiesta ST is a subcompact orange beauty that fits most any budget or garage. It features the new-for-2017 emulsion called “Orange Spice Metallic Tri-Coat.”


Dan Carney