This Silent, Zero-Emission Electric Motorboat Glides Through Water In Stealthy Style

It’s the “smoothest and most silent motorboat on the market.”

Your catch won’t hear you coming in this all-electric motorboat from Q Yachts. 

The sleekly minimalist Q30 uses a clever silent propulsion system called “Oceanvolt” that’s been used as an alternative power source for sailboats. According to the company, the technology makes for “the smoothest and most silent motor boat on the market.”

It also limits how fast and far you can travel. The max range is 92 miles at the 10 mph cruising speed or 25 miles full-out at 17 mph. 

Those underwhelming performance specs are made up for with stunning design features. The 30-foot hull and deck are made of lightweight vinyl ester resin and fiberglass that’s been laminated with a shimmering white gelcoat. 

Passengers can enjoy a two-person sunbathing platform, four-seat table, minimalist below-deck lounge and hi-fi audio from B&I Beoplay A1 wireless Bluetooth speaker while the captain controls navigation, interior and exterior LED lights from an iPad. 

It’s perfect for a quiet afternoon on the lake or an ultra-stealthy fishing trip. Check out photos of the Q30 in the gallery above, and learn more from Q Yachts here.

h/t: Hi Consumption