Zip Over the Water Like a Boss in Your Own Personal Hydrofoil

The boat that almost flies.

This electric two-seater zips along at 25 MPH

As we’ve established, things that levitate, hover and float are innately cool. Of course, all boats (and the occasional motorcycle) float on water. But only some boats are able to rise above the surface, as with Quadrofoil‘s hydrodynamic and aerodynamic electric two-seaters. 

After a year of thorough testing, the Slovenian outfit’s officially finished their Q2 prototype and is ready to start producing these exhilarating watercrafts, with delivery as soon as March 2017 for the one hundred Q2S Electric Limited Edition models that sold out to investors who eagerly climbed aboard early.

It's offered in two models, the Q2A and Q2S
It’s offered in two models, the Q2A and Q2S

For the rest of you, they’ll offer two models: the Q2A ($21,300) and Q2S ($30,900). You can configure each with various design kits, and they’re scheduled to be available for your water-striding pleasure in early 2018.

All three models sport the essentially the same hull, with a “practically unsinkable” airtight top module, ergonomic cockpit, racecar-inspired steering wheel, color touchscreen display, and a four-foiled design that supposedly offers the stability and agility of a go-kart.

Early adopters may see theirs as soon as March 2017
Early adopters may see theirs as soon as March 2017

By way of comparison, the jump from Q2A to Q2S gets you beefier batteries, a more powerful outboard motor and electric (vs. manual) tilting. And then the limited edition adds position lights, rear-view mirrors, anti-slip ribbed footrests, a rear platform and pull-out ladder, and (naturally) an enhanced graphics kit.

More compact and practical than a hovercraft, more stable and safe than a Flyboard, as for right now, this seems like the most sterling option available for blending performance, control and efficiency while gliding over the water.

h/t: Design Boom