This All-New 1250-HP Electric Hypercar Looks Like the Damn Batmobile

Is this the most extreme EV ever?

Raesr Tachyon
Photo: RAESR

The first-ever car from SoCal company Rice Advanced Engineering Systems and Research (RAESR) is a 1250-HP all-electric beast dubbed the “Tachyon.” 

Naming a car after a hypothetical faster-than-light particle might seem pretentious, but it’s got the specs to back it up. 

As RAESR explains, “These include outrageously low (39.5″) and wide (81″) dimensions, a 6-motor 1200+hp proprietary fully electric powertrain, twin double hinged front and rear doors, and a jet-fighter style canopy.” Wow. 

Photo: RAESR

Supposedly, these features will endow the Tachyon with a sub-3 second 0-60 mph time and a blistering top speed that pushes 240 mph. 

Director of Research and Development Chris Khoury debuted the Tachyon’s rolling prototype. 

“We wanted to build the most extreme electric car,” he says in the video below. 

“We decided to go with the tandem-seater for the jet fighter look. Part of it was an aerodynamic endeavor, reducing the frontal area by having a narrower canopy.” 

If the Tachyon is truly deserving of the “most extreme electric car” title, then it’ll have to beat the 1360-HP Nio EP9 on Germany’s Nurburgring racetrack. 

Best of luck, RAESR.

h/t: Uncrate