Watch Range Rover’s Evolution Over 47 Years In Just 90 Seconds

Truly a classic ride.

1994 Range Rover Classic - The Land Rover Defender has been a lust object for the outdoorsy/college lacross set for decades
Land Rover

Since its debut in 1969, Land Rover‘s Range Rover SUV has preserved some distinctive attributes that help anchor the off-roader to its roots as an agricultural and military machine.

2016 Range Rover

To underscore that lineage and the current Range Rover’s authentic connection to those earthy vehicles, Land Rover compiled a 90-second video showing the evolution of the design as it became the baller car it is today.

Notice that the now-ubiquitous four-door body style didn’t even appear until 1991. Until then, all Range Rovers were two-doors. 

Despite the continuous evolution toward comfort, today’s Range Rover is a more capable off-roader than ever, thanks to the amazing advance of technology. The video of one tearing through a downhill ski run serves as a reminder of both its incredible capability, and the driver’s incredible bravery.

You can buy one of that attributes at the Land Rover dealer. You’ll have to cultivate the other yourself.