The Impressively Armored Range Rover Sentinel Can Stop Bullets and Survive Bomb Blasts

Land Rover’s luxurious mobile fortress is impervious to high-caliber gunfire, hand grenades and IEDs.

Armored Range Rover Sentinel Promo
Land Rover

Add the Range Rover Sentinel to the list of luxury SUVs that can keep VIPs safe in even the most treacherous hot spots on earth. 

Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations essentially started with the flagship Autobiography model and added a literal ton of defensive features that are fit for operating in actual war zones.

At the heart of the British automaker’s armoring efforts is what they call a “Protection Cell.” 

Land Rover

The roof and floor are rated in accordance with ERV 2010 and PAS 300 standards, which means it can guard passengers against anti-tank mines, TNT, hand grenades and IEDs. The Protection Cell’s ballistic glass stops high-caliber bullets fired from virtually any angle. 

Land Rover

Additionally, the Sentinel was tested to the STANAG 4569 standard against powerful land mines positioned on the side and underneath the vehicle. 

If all goes to hell, there’s also an armored escape panel that allows occupants to exit the vehicle through the rear luggage compartment if the doors are blocked. Run-flat tires that can travel up to 30 miles after being damaged ensure that escape is always a possibility. 

Land Rover

With all that added weight from protective upgrades, the supercharged V8’s power is mitigated. Hitting 60 mph takes 9.8 seconds and the top speed is limited to 120 mph. But with upgraded chassis, suspension and braking systems, it’s still able to handle deep water crossings, steep descents and off-road terrain. 

And you still get all of the luxury featured in the Range Rover Autobiography, including fine leathers, rich veneers, solid aluminium fixtures, and Land Rover’s latest infotainment system with two 10-inch touchscreens. 

Land Rover

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