The Range Rover SVAutobiography Provides Ultra-Luxury, Anywhere

It’s basically a Rolls-Royce 4X4. Also, it costs $200,000.

The new Land Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography is flabbergastingly luxurious. (A note about the name: do not diminish this grand truck with an abbreviation of its 14-syllable title.) The first luxury-oriented project from Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations is quail-pocket’s full of superlatives: most expensive (beginning at $200k), most powerful (with the topline 550-horsepower supercharged V8) and most striking, with exclusive 22-inch chrome wheels and a two-tone paint scheme (a $14k+ option on lesser Rovers).

Sitting atop the entire Land Rover range, the SVAutobiography is adorned with appropriately high-quality doodads that, as isolated, heirloom objects, we would proudly pass down to our children. Most knobs are machined from solid aluminum; the rear seats enjoy access to a champagne cooler and motorized tables; the rear pillars sport solid aluminum coat hooks and the carpets are plush mohair. Most indicative of a the SVAutobiography’s intended audience are the “Event Seats”—two Windsor leather seats that fold out of the tailgate to provide first-class seating aside the polo pitch.

Unlike Mercedes—a company with distinct tuning arms that equip its vehicles either for performance (AMG) or ultra-luxury (Maybach)—Land Rover has only one specialty division, the Special Vehicles Operations (SVO) unit but clearly, it doesn’t suffer for such efficiency. The sublime, speedy and raucous Range Rover Sport SVR was a stellar first entry and this hugely sumptuous latest effort, the Land Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography, proves that SVO is equally adept at tuning stately British trucks for the racetrack as it is manufacturing the perfect, long-wheelbase Range Rover for the boulevard…or the backyard, or the boonies, or through up to three feet of water. 

Photos by Land Rover